CASMOS2021: Workshop on Complex Adaptive System Approaches in Management and Organization Science (online event), co-located with CCS2021

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Call for Abstracts

CASMOS2021 is co-located with the Conference on Complex Systems CCS2021, Lyon, France, 25-29 October, 2021


Management and Organization Science has a long-standing tradition in dealing with complexity. However, at the same time, this research often follows the long-held paradigm of mechanistic systems that are driven mainly by efficiency. Complexity is only described in general terms, and models of systems, such as organizations or markets, are simplistic, with mostly homogeneous decision-makers, linear relationships, and almost no adaptive behavior. Since complex real-world systems are often incompressible due to highly non-linear interactions within the system, analytical methods or highly simplified models are often incapable of explaining the innate dynamics.

More recently, a line of research in Management and Organization Science emerges that builds bridges to complexity theory. The interest in complex adaptive systems increases, and the related body of literature is growing. Transferring the concept of complex adaptive systems to Management and Organization Science can contribute to more realism regarding the applied models and can also provide more understanding of the highly complex nature of today’s organizations and markets. The latter might be particularly important when it comes to managing and controlling real-world complex systems. In particular, this emergent paradigm of Management and Organization Science considers systems that are, amongst others, characterized by:


This workshop is co-located with the Conference of Complex Systems and is interested in novel and innovative applications of complex adaptive system approaches to rising questions in the field of Management and Organization Science. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate the meeting of people who work in the field of Management and Organization Science (as well as adjacent areas) and who employ complex adaptive system approaches. We aim at providing a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research findings. The workshop has the ultimate objectives to bridge the gap between Management and Organization Science and Complexity Science, and to promote thereby the further development of Management and Organization Science with a specific emphasis to dynamics and emergent behaviors.


Topics of interest are (but are not limited to):

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